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Welcome!!! Thank you for attending Trinity Baptist Church worship services. Our services are for EVERYONE!!!

Our pastor is Reverend Clarence William Page.  Trinity Baptist Church was founded in September 1989 in Reverend Page's home located at 1406 Bellevue Street, Greensboro, North Carolina.  After worshipping a few weeks in the home of Pastor Page, the church congregation moved into a regular church sanctuary and edifice located at 2300 South Elm-Eugene Street, Greensboro, North Carolina.

The congregation eventually moved out of the 2300 South Elm-Eugene Street location and began worshipping at the Ramada Inn which was located about 1 mile south of the 2300 site.  Following that, the worship services were held in homes.  As members began joining other congregations, Pastor Page continued to hold services in his home. Most of the services you will hear on this site were held in the Trinity Baptist Church worship center located in the church parsonage (where Pastor Page and his family reside).

If you do not know Jesus Christ, it is our prayer that our worship services will effectively introduce you to Him.  If you already know Jesus Christ, it is our prayer that our worship services will facilitate your Christian growth.



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